Passionate about all things career, there is nothing more satisfying than helping our clients discover the shoe that suits them in terms of career and allowing them to shine professionally




Sylvie is the founder of NxCareer! She is passionate about supporting people feel confident in their career path so that they can take on the world and bring their dreams to life!


Confidence can quickly become a competitive advantage and an open door to connecting with potential employers. Therefore, a lack of confidence in yourself or in your skills will break you... She learned this the hard way and she certainly doesn't want you to do the same mistakes. 


When she was seeking the job market for a job without even knowing what she really wanted to do, she felt stressed, confused and she was all over the place! That's when she started researching and learned the ins-and-outs of the job market

Sylvie is a Certified Career Counsellor (CCC), a Licensed Counselling Therapist (LCT) a Career Coach, a Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Professional (CVRP), an Entrepreneur and Goal Digger. She has a master’s degree in Guidance Counselling from the Université de Moncton with a specific focus on facilitating personal and career development of diverse populations through effective interventions at both the individual and group levels. Her areas of expertise include counselling, vocational interviewing, psychometric assessments, job development, job placement and case management. 


With her education and her multiple occasions to work with such a great range of career paths, Sylvie is positive she has the tools and experience needed to ensure success in your journey to living your dream life with confidence!  


What fulfills me the most, is helping people  discover the best career choice and allowing them to shine.




Annick is a Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC), a Licensed Counselling Therapist (LCT), an entrepreneur and a mom of two awesome little boys. 


She has a master’s degree in career counselling from Université de Moncton and has worked in different related fields which provided her with the knowledge to deepen her counselling approach aimed toward honouring client’s individual needs.


Her expertise includes counselling, coaching, résumé writing and psychometric assessments.


Annick hopes to help people discover their passion and guide them through their journey to finding their right career fit.




Mylène is a Career Counsellor and a Career Coach. She has a master’s degree in career counselling from the Université de Moncton and is always excited to support the team’s various projects.


She easily creates and maintains a relationship of trust with her clients and thrives on helping them attain their personal and professional goals.


Her areas of expertise include counselling, coaching, vocational interviewing, and administering psychometric assessments.


Outside of work, she likes to explore new cities, enjoy the outdoors, cook delicious meals, and dream big.


Fun fact: Mylène is an ISFJ!


As part of her graduate studies, Mylène was particularly interested in women's career development and touched on a few important variables such as the process of socialization, gender stereotypes, self-efficacy, and the relational dimension.