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What's Next?

Grade 8 summer camp

Are you a high school student and aren't sure what to do next?
You don’t know which program to choose after you graduate?
Are you experiencing uncertainty?

the nxcareer method


virtual or

in-person sessions

We are happy to offer in-person sessions and online sessions. We have an office located in Bathurst (NB) and in Moncton (NB). Too far from home? No problem, our services are also available virtually!



We will explore all spheres of your life including your professional profile, your experiences from the past, your strongest skills, your desired lifestyle, your personality, and most importantly your interests. 



We will explore further by completing some psychometric assessments. We have access to a wide range of assessments and we will recommend the ones that are necessary. 



You will learn more about the requirements of each career options and about the job market. You will then be able to choose the option that best fits your needs. 

With nxcareer you will:

Get a professional assessment of your strengths, your skills, your personality preferences, your interests and your core values.

Get more clarity on the most authentic career options for you

Be able to get through the paralyzing fears so that you can get closer to what you want.


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