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2020, A Year in Review

Another year is almost over, but this one was different in oh so many ways. At the beginning of 2020, no one could have ever imagined the roller coaster on which we were about to embark. Sure COVID-19 had a lot to do with the ups and mostly the downs of this last year, but you already know about that because you lived it too.

But for me 2020 was special. My journey started when I met Sylvie at a conference in November 2019. I was back to work from a maternity leave and I felt lost. Even if I liked going to work, helping my clients, and having wonderful coworkers to share my workdays, something was missing. You see, I always wanted more for my life, but I didn’t know what. That is why after attending Sylvie’s conference, I decided to make an appointment with her (yes, even career counsellors consult career counsellors). The things she said during her conference really touched me and made me realize that I was settling and needed a change.

So, here I was, a month later, having my second career counselling appointment realizing that the most important elements needed to feel fulfilled in my career were to help people be happy in their own career, have a flexibility in my schedule to have time for my family, myself and to grow my career…in other words I wanted to be my own boss! What a realization (well, to be honest, I always knew it, but never admitted it).

And then, just like that, the universe spoke (well really it was Sylvie, but same thing). This is when I was offered the chance of a lifetime, to become part of a company that had the same vision that I had and that was checking all my boxes. So, in January 2020 I gave my resignation. I was making the first step towards my goal!

Fast forward to March, my last month of work, and my first towards freedom…then COVID-19 hit. So, what do I do now? No more steady income and no clients. No big launch of my beautiful new office, no in-person conferences to share my passion for career counselling. Nothing was going as we had planned.

But you see, as stressful as this was, amazing things came out of it. By sticking together, Sylvie and I created new opportunities and offered new services that we might never thought of offering before. We were able to adapt and overcome the struggles.

Was it an easy year? Absolutely not! The stress of COVID-19 had its toll on all of us. But, as weird as this year was, it was also beautiful. I met amazing people, impressive clients, started writing this blog (which always has been a goal of mine) and worked on great projects. I’m so grateful to have met Sylvie, an amazing person, and so proud of having taken this step towards happiness.

So, here’s what I learned: Don’t fear change, be open to new opportunities and trust yourself. You never know what the future has in store for you. If you trust your instincts, are kind to yourself and take charge, everything will fall into place. Trust the universe and it will speak to you too.

I hope you will be able to look at this past year and find something beautiful to be grateful for. I also hope that you will take a moment to think of where you are now in your life and assess if it checks all your boxes. If not, I hope you will find the courage to take a step, even if it is a small one towards happiness. Trust me, it is worth it.

From Sylvie and I, we wish you happy holidays and an amazing year to come.

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