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3 Surprising ways to ruin your interview

Woo hoo! You received the call you were waiting for! You are summoned to the interview for the position you have long coveted. You know the business as the bottom of your pocket, you practiced your interview techniques in front of a mirror and you wrote on paper different options of situational questions that could be asked.

But .... there is not only what comes out of your mouth that will be analyzed at the interview; there is also your non-verbal, your handshake and of course, your look.

Your look

One tenth of a second; this is how long it takes for the employer to form an impression of you. I recommend a classic look, clean and refined, but doesn't look like "supper 5 services with in-laws". Blazer, blouse and delicate jewelry, that's it!

Consider picking up some key items from some stores that sell appropriate work clothes, such as #BananaRepublic, #RW&co or #Winners (these are my favorites). For men, clean pants and a nice shirt and add a jacket if you know you'll have to wear one for work. Remember that being professionally dressed will allow you to feel confident and in control. Please, leave the jeans at home!

The handshake

Oh dear! Soft handshakes is a big no-no. Management experts at the University of Iowa have said that the handshake is one of the most important points of the interview. Indeed, the quality of it can improve the interaction, and help you to show your self-confidence, and this, in a few seconds.

When you give

your hand to everyone present, make sure to look at each and everyone of them while giving your hand firmly. When I talk about firmness, it's kind of firm and relaxed ... be swayed! You do not want to crush the hand of the company president! I strongly suggest that you practice your handshake with friends to make sure you are in control of this first contact.

Your non-verbal behaviour

When you arrive i

n the room, have a beautiful smile and throughout the interview, make sure to have a frank look. This will show signs of trust and honesty; two character traits sought by the employers of this world. Also, make sure you know what to do with your hands. You can put them on the table or use them to talk (in moderation). Just like the handshake, try to dose the use of your hands while talking; you do not want to be intrusive.

I wish you all the success in the world!

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