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Changing something in your life? Here's 5 tips to make sure your change is successful

Whether it's a job that doesn’t suit you anymore, a bitter friendship or an unhealthy relationship, making a change that will have a direct impact on your daily life, it's certainly not easy and it actually can even be very scary. However, I'm of the opinion that it's never too late to change your life for the better. So take a deep breath, imagine the life you want and create it! Here's 5 tips to make it happen:

Evaluate your situation

What needs to change? Is it your work environment or work itself and/or the tasks? What is triggering your unhappiness?

Make a list of what makes you unhappy with your situation. What needs to change? Is it your work environment or work itself and/or the tasks? What is triggering your unhappiness? On the other hand, you will have to evaluate what needs to change.


Once you decide what needs to change, you have to find out how to get there. What needs to be done. Treat it like a #project! Think about things like the actions you'll need to take to manage or mitigate the consequences, and plan ahead how you'll prepare the people affected so that they'll understand and (ideally) support change rather than fight you about it.

Have a support system

Cupcakes are always a good idea!

When challenges arise and you feel like you’re starting to lose your groove, you will need someone (or a few) to cheer you up and to bring you back to the plan. If you’re leaving a relationship, you’ll need a shoulder to cry on and a friend to bring you cupcakes (#cupcakes are always a good idea). If you’re thinking about starting your own business, you could need the financial help of your partner or even someone who will simply help you with chores at home so that you can devote more time to your new priorities. Learn to let some tasks go and relish in the new perspective you’ll get in return.

Please, stop comparing yourself to others (You're not doing yourself any good!)

It’s easy to look at your friends and compare with where you’re at in your life. At 28, a lot of them already have babies and they’re married and you? You bought a house with your boyfriend at 26 and started working in an unfulfilling job. Now, 28 you realize that you are not happy with your relationship and you’re daydreaming about leaving your small town to work … So what? Some people are nomads and some prefer being free birds and that’s ok.

Stop waiting and start acting!

It’s important to have a plan but please, do not stop at planning. If it’s the case, that’s what you call #daydreaming! It will be scary and you will doubt yourself but when it happens, use your support system.

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