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How do I find a job?

There are no jobs available? Think again.

Hey guys, Annick here,

We are living a year full of uncertainties, don’t you agree?

You were maybe thinking that it was difficult to find a job before and now, with this pandemic, it is literally impossible. But I believe this is an incorrect statement. There are plenty of opportunities, you just need to know how to find them. Sure, the market slowed down, well basically stopped for a while. But now, companies are starting to get back in business and a lot are still hiring. As I’m writing those words, I’m fully aware that there is a rising of Covid-19 cases in New Brunswick. But employers needed to make a shift in order to survive the first hit and are now better prepared to continue their operations this time around.

But how do you find them?

Your first reflex might be to start with the typical job search platforms. But did you know that if your job search only revolves around looking for interesting job posting, you are missing out on 80% of the available jobs? That’s right, pandemic or not, there is a whole other world of job market out there and we call it the secret job market (look for Sylvie’s blog about the secret job market for more information on that).

Most of the available jobs are being filled without even being advertised. I can attest to that since I never accepted a career opportunity through job recruitment websites or even through an interview (but don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my share of interviews).

So how is it possible?

Through your network and your actions.

I remember when I was in my first year of my master’s program, I decided to use my network to meet with the director of student services at a college who turns out was a career counsellor as well. We had a nice chat about his career path, the master’s program, my future goals and that was it. I wasn’t looking for a job or had something to ask, I just wanted to connect. Well, I strongly believe that that meeting created the path for my career as a year later he was calling me to offer me a job, my first job in the field (and this is not my only story like this!)

Here are some tips to help you tap into that secret market.

Have your Tools Ready

Make sure your resume is up to date. We suggest that having a master resume is the best way to do that. By master resume, we mean writing all your job experience, training, certification, volunteer work and skills in one document and adding to it along the way. You can then tailor it to the job you are aiming for.

You can also have an example of a cover letter and thank you email ready to be modified depending on the job you are applying for.

Work on your Brand

Your professional brand is also important. It reflects who you are as a professional. One way to do that is to work on your online presence. Screen your social media profile to make sure nothing screams “inappropriate behaviour” and keep up with your LinkedIn profile. Also, have your pitch ready, you never know when you will need it.

Have a Positive Mindset

Having a negative mindset can often be the first reflex of many (myself included!) but your mindset is a strong tool. Having a positive mindset can help you see things differently and keep you motivated throughout your job search. Just a small shift in your mindset can make a big difference.


Finally, NETWORK! If you refer to my little story, my network was the reason why I got that job. The power of networking is endless. Make sure to connect to the right people and to maintain your professional relationships. By the way, did you know that the founder of NxCareer is the queen of networking? If you never had an opportunity to follow one of Sylvie’s webinar or in person session on the subject, put it on your to-do list!

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