Can you easily pitch your value and close deals in job interviews?

Yes! I Can Coach You To Radically Increase Your Interviewing Skills!


“I wish I had said that"

"I wish I knew they would have asked that question"

"I wish I felt more confident during the interview"

"I’m TIRED of working so hard and not getting the job"

“I know I'm the perfect candidate if only I could get the employer to see it.”


You’re not alone.


You must learn how to communicate your message in a way that shows you full potential

— or you won’t get the job.

Strong Interviewing skills are REQUIRED if you want to make an impact on the employer and have long-term success.

I know this because I was in your shoes... and I lost a few awesome opportunities because of my lack of confidence in my skills during interviews.  One day, I had enough...

I studied intensively all the do's and don'ts when it comes to the interviewing process. Since then, I have been coaching clients to be awesome at it!

Here's what Pierre from Moncton, NB has to say: 


"Tomorrow, I start my new job as a Director of a department which has more than 50 employees. 

 I knew I had the right skills and the experience for the position so there's was no way I would have missed my chance of being hired. I needed Sylvie's help to created an outstanding Resume and I followed all of her recommendations to make myself stand out as the perfect candidate. Next thing you know, I was called in for the interview, nailed the questions and got the Job. Sylvie was there to help me every step of the way... Even the day I had the Interview, we met in the morning to revised the process, practice my answers and prepare for any situational questions the company could have asked. I felt so ready! 


Sylvie offers so much as a career coach! She made herself available for any questions I had and she found time for a last minute session before the interview!  She really puts 110% into everything she sets her mind to and it shows that she's passionate about helping people with their careers.  Sylvie has a wealth of experience and knowledge to help guide people into a wide range of job fields.  


If you need help finding or building your career, without a doubt, Sylvie can help you succeed! I highly recommend her!"





171 rue Lutz, Bureau 002

Moncton, NB, E1C 5E8

506-855-2025 Ext. 1


275 Main Street, Suite 504

Bathurst, NB, E2A 1A9

506-855-2025 Ext. 2

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