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"Annick was an amazing counsellor! She helped me with my CV, my cover letter and interview prep, as well as my own insecurities about my career. Highly recommend to anyone!


"Excellent service and a team of high level professionals.
I am lucky to have known Sylvie and Annick who helped me regain my self-confidence and get a good job in my field.
Well done!"


“Nxcareer - what a beautiful discovery !! Instantly, during the first session, Sylvie managed to understand what caused my dissatisfaction at work. It was an "AHA moment" for me! Her beautiful energy, her professionalism, her pertinent questions and her line of thought have made our time well invested! But do not believe me ... go see for yourself"


“Knowing that change is probably on the horizon in terms of my career, I knew reflection would be much more effective if I had a coach by my side. With the listening abilities and support of Mylène, I was able to identify possible leads. I feel like I now have the tools to take the leap when the time comes, and I know Mylène will be there for me if I need help in preparing for an interview".


“I really enjoyed working with Sylvie! It was an amazing experience!  She was very supportive and made it so much easier to identify my career path and make the best choice. I loved my experience!"


“Sylvie showed me how to get a senior position that I was not sure if I was even qualified for. She gave me confidence and made sure that my résumé and cover letter would stand out!  With this new position, my annual salary has increased by more than $ 30,000! Unreal!"


"My daughter received the services of NxCareer and we were so satisfied with the professionalism, dedication, and expertise of Sylvie Desjardins during the sessions. The report she gave us at the end of the process showed us exactly why and how my daughter made her final choice.

It is so challenging to see our daughter make her first major decision in life and Sylvie was so supportive! We are so grateful! Thank you again! "


"I knew exactly which job I wanted and couldn't miss the opportunity to get it. Sylvie is so knowledgeable when it comes to creating a résumé that stands out and she made sure my great accomplishments were highlighted! Her guidance helped me get my dream job!


"With NxCareer, I have learned so much about today's job market. With all the tips, I was able to save a lot of time and get a job exactly where I wanted without having to compete with others.  Plus, when doubts filled my mind, she helped me regain my confidence. Sylvie is truly amazing at what she does!"


"Tomorrow, I start my new job as a Director of a department which has more than 50 employees. I knew I had the right skills and the experience for the position so there's was no way I would have missed my chance of being hired. I needed Sylvie's help to create an outstanding résumé and I followed all of her recommendations to make myself stand out as the perfect candidate. Next thing you know, I was called in for the interview, nailed the questions and got the Job. Sylvie was there to help me every step of the way... Even the day I had the interview, we met in the morning to revise the process, practice my answers and prepare for any situational questions the company could have asked. I felt so ready! 


Sylvie offers so much as a career coach! She made herself available for any questions I had and she found time for a last minute session before the interview!  She really puts 110% into everything she sets her mind to and it shows that she's passionate about helping people with their careers.  Sylvie has a wealth of experience and knowledge to help guide people into a wide range of job fields. 


If you need help finding or building your career, without a doubt, Sylvie can help you succeed! I highly recommend her!  "


"I would not hesitate to recommend Sylvie's services! While I was looking for my next move in terms of career and potentially deciding to start a Masters, Sylvie was able to guide me, advise me and help me establish a game plan so that I can feel confident and make the best decision possible. 

 Her recommendations inspired me to create an outstanding resume and cover letter, which helped me get an interview for the position I wanted. Then, the pieces of advice and interviewing tips that Sylvie gave me, got me the job right away!  I cannot tell you how satisfied I am with her services!".


"Sylvie knows her stuff"

Sylvie's a natural when it comes to guest speaking. She is devoted to sharing ideas, tools, and resources that will help as many people as possible to create the life they want. Sylvie offers the chance at real change. By combining facts and relevant information with humor, Sylvie communicates ideas so that the audience will feel inspired each time.  

Sylvie has been invited as a guest speaker and a career specialist at the Conseil Économique du Nouveau-Brunswick, Radio-Canada, Acadie-Nouvelle, Téléjournal Acadie, MAGMA, Université de Moncton, Collège Communautaire du NB, Fédération des Jeunes Francophones du NB, etc. 

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