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A new career development program created specifically for grades 9 to 12

This program was created with the goal of helping high school students get to know themselves and their environment in order to make more informed choices in regards to future programs and/or professions.
Through their 4 years in high school, they will learn more about their interests, values and personality and will be better equipped to take action towards a bright future. This will all be done based on a guidance-oriented approach. 


Grade 9

This is where you start. It includes 3  one-on-one virtual sessions with exercises created to start the career exploration process and to learn more about your strengths, interests and qualities.


Grade 10

This is where you begin to specify a preference for a profession or a professional field. It includes 3 one-on-one virtual sessions and guidance to help you choose elective courses for

Grade 11.


Grade 11

This section of the program includes 4 one-on-one virtual sessions and psychometric assessments to help guide your career choice. 


Grade 12

This is where you will create you action plan for your future. It includes 3 one-on-one virtual sessions.

Bonus! We will also give you the tools needed to be more prepared for the job market. 

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